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Our Pastor

Rev. George Knight is the Pastor of Lifestyle Christian Ministries in Houston, Texas, which he organized in February of 2012.  Pastor Knight has over thirty-two years of ministry experience and has served in all areas of church leadership and ministry from age sixteen. He has done studies with Trinity Theological Seminary, College of Bible Studies in Houston Texas and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies from Grand Canyon University. Pastor Knight is a certified Life Coach, he is presently enrolled in Grand Canyon University pursuing a master’s degree in Christian Leadership.


Pastor Knight has been married to the lovely Dawn Joseph-Knight for the past 23 years. The Lord has blessed them with five beautiful children that is actively involved in ministry with their parents, Melissa, Charity, Josiah, Joyelle and Natalia.

Lifestyle Christian Ministries is a non denominational multicultural ministry located on the south east side of Houston, Texas. We minister to all age groups and believe that each person needs a balance life as well as knowing and understanding the purpose for which they were created.

We believe that we all have a purpose to fulfill and we should be adequately equipped with the tools that will help us in fulfilling that purpose.  We strive to be readily available to assist our membership and the neighboring communities through mentoring , spiritual guidance and development.